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LocalDrive.pro, the essential proximity to e-commerce




 LD.pro does not use your customers to increase their potential and will bring you more flexibility in management and above all an Agile, Fast and Secure customer experience.

LD.pro allows you to continue working and to maintain your independence.

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Localdrive.pro is an order taking solution for the local take-out trade, easily configurable, with payment on site, or Credit Card. Confirmation by email with the details of the order for the customer and the seller. SMS warning to seller.

www.localdrive.pro – for payment by credit card – does not require the purchasing customer to open a Paypal account.

It is up to the merchant to promote his page via social networks or Google, and of course, by a poster on the window of his establishment or other; www.localdrive.pro does not exempt from drawing up receipts or invoices to customers, such as for a sale in store, whether orders arrived by email and payable on site, or whether orders arrived by mail, but already paid by Credit Card, on your Paypal account

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Special price for period 50 euros / year, not subject to VAT.