Occitanie COnnection Il n'y a qu'une seule efficacité : celle qui marche.

Club membership – 30€/month



Club membership for 12 months

Preferential rates for digital network management, visual designs and training in digital network management

12-month subscription to the Occitanie COnnection Business Club

"The real challenge lies in choosing the best solution among a multitude of possible solutions."
Every action is implemented to improve your visibility and your development prospects.

Sharing of notoriety in order to promote inter-company synergies

Organization of events on social networks/Google.
Dissemination of messages from each member on social networks/Google.
Occitanie COnnection is a business club that connects expressed needs to relevant offers and can seek out/request/detect them.

"Social media has turned customers into content creators. Which means business leaders must meet the demand for new information and ideas. Consumers discuss a brand's products in real time. The business must take part in the conversation: it must be present on social networks and on google to inform, educate and entertain the prospect/customer."
You can adopt a presentation template to make your ideas stand out, get attention, and generate word-of-mouth when your idea improves someone's life or improves society. It's up to you to convey in a way that excites your customers.

Preferential rates for digital network management, visual designs and digital network management training

"If you need advice in managing your communication, you can contact me so that I can bring you my expertise.

If you need to create visuals, I can establish projects for you so that you can have a unique and unforgettable image.

If you need to rethink your offer in order to boost sales, I am also able to give you some advice that will bring you solutions to your problems."

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