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From 30 June 2020 to 31 January 2022

Did you say 5G?

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5G technology was already mentioned in the 80s by industrialists not for telephones but for home automation; this system is quite controversial because it consumes energy and is potentially dangerous for the living … it is only developed to allow the market for connected objects to take off because the capacity of the environment with a current capacity of 10,000 objects / km2 will be able to pass at more than 10,000,000 objects / km2 … not to mention the management of cities which will no longer depend on men but on connected machines whose command will be centralized in a place that will act where 5G antennas will be installed … many texts envision a multitude of environmental, economic, strategic, technical, ethical issues … and I pass without further hierarchizing it as if it were for individuals to consider the value of the issues … after we can not say that we are not informed lol they send us everything in bulk … in journalism they call it raw data which is not interpreted but which is retransmitted anyway, taken out of context, in telephone newspapers considered … but apparently when we make the classification of issues
Technical challenges
Economic issues
Ethical issues
Privacy and social control
National security issues
Bandwidth governance issues
Weather issues
Health issues
Environmental and energy issues
Challenges for IoT
Network coverage and infrastructure challenges

Where are we living? We do not appear because human dignity in the economic sense is not quantified, it probably deserves when we add credits over the issues that deserve to be retained and where we must find ourselves under pain of abandonment by our leaders because we are a subsidiary / superficial element as collateral damage which must adapt to their decisions.

3200 studies have been carried out by independent researchers on the impact of this technology on living things and I can assure you that it is edifying because these waves act on us as if we were in a microwave oven; the dangerousness criterion only takes into account the fact that it heats cells but before heating a cell has reactions that the living perceives it and which generates reactions that medicine refuses to explain because the enormous economic stakes force them to do so … The management of the Covid crisis is glaring proof of this… what about Perronne and Raoult who have stood up and who surely risk sanctions… it is up to us to protect these people, not the French State.

However, you still need to know that the protocol used interferes with the atomic structure of living cells, which have frequencies close to those emitted by 5G … hence the dysfunctions of the body’s immune system in humans and animals, in particular because the brain is disoriented by waves which vibrate continuously and which use the same wavelength as those which the body uses … the Linky counters go in the same direction, also quite controversial and which are intended to accomodate applications for “Optimize” energy management (lol if it’s like 5G which uses 3 times more energy than 4G and which requires many more antennas we can ask the question about the validity of this argument) … Again this is done without taking too much into account the living …

In fact all this refers to the concept of progress which according to economists should be based on GDP / capita and comfort, capitalist thought par excellence which considers that the capitalist system is only a tool that man still uses badly because it is the only possible way which allows man to evolve – and this positive evolution would be due to certain individualities which would come from a particular strain of the human species which would have capacities on humans … this type of thinking dates a little and disregards the effects of the evolution of communication tools on any societal evolution … as a reminder following the invention of the printing press society quickly evolved and allowed Leonardo da Vinci to develop his situational intelligence which allowed him to take up the concepts of other engineers to improve them … once again he was not alone even for the realization of the Vitruvian man …. Internet which is the fruit of ” a millie collaborative work rs of developers from around the world that certain industries want to monopolize by giving it an unhealthy but essential invader image to become the ideal intermediaries who will protect us from this danger lol… anti viruses use the security protocols of the system exploitation you have on your computer hence the question why buy an antivirus when you already have the means to clean your computer without them…

“It reminds me of Coluche when he spoke of unions that had as much effect on work as Mercurochrome on a wooden leg” … so once again it is the fruit of collaboration that moves and not individualism which I assimilate more to navel-gazing and a short vision of Humanity. ”

Certain statisticians, including Jean Donio, looked into the question several years ago and deduced from it that in the next 20 years it will be the end of humanity if nothing happens to prevent the quasi development anarchic technology which is done only in the interest of selling more and more and enslaving people to a production tool for which the law of the market is the only possible reality.
So the question I ask myself when I write this text is that we have to wait for the people to reveal themselves, because today they no longer have to be subject to a blind power which takes no account of his aspirations and needs?

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