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The Grande Épicerie d’Occitanie to reveal the know-how of the catering trade

31 May 2020

07 71 45 63 92

07 71 45 63 92


To reveal and benefit from the know-how of the catering trades
Sale of products with a strong regional identity

Greek style black olives
Green Catalan Split Olives
Broken green olives à la Provençale
Green olives, pitted garlic / basil
Black Greece-style garlic / basil olives


Plain olive oil, green olive spirit opening on rosemary and thyme fragrances, slightly creamy
Ardence (slight tingling at the bottom of the palate) subtle which recalls the freshness of the olives during crushing and a good antioxidant content.

Flavored oils
A nose reminiscent of the Mediterranean
A clear and slightly creamy texture for salads or fish
A taste with a subtle bouquet of herbs that will take you on the sunny slopes facing due south

Traditionally served with croutons rubbed in garlic with fish soup, bouillabaisse, La Rouille or Provencal rust is still to be enjoyed without moderation – finely spiced it can also accompany your aperitifs


For your aperitifs, salads and dishes with La Grande Épicerie d’Occitanie
Artisanal and regional manufacturing
For aperitifs that will make you travel with delicacies and olivades

Indulge your taste buds with La Grande Épicerie d’Occitanie
Order by sending an e-mail contact@lagrandeepiceriedoccitanie.com

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