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Saint André Discovery Farm – Mainly early childhood

25 May 2020

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Welcome to the Ferme de Découverte Saint André, an animal and leisure park that looks like a little paradise for children and families.

Live a special moment with your family to meet the 300 animals of the Saint-André Discovery Farm!

A lover of rural life and the agricultural world since childhood, Hubert Levaufre took over, with his family, La Ferme de Découverte in 2008.
Focusing efforts on landscape and educational enhancement and the quality of reception, they have made it the current animal and leisure park.
Since then, each year, new projects are born in order to surprise visitors more, to amaze and help children grow …
The philosophy of the farm: “Together discover, marvel, grow …”.
La Ferme de Découverte St André is constantly evolving with those who inspire and invent it in a quest for quality and kindness. All those who made it evolve conceived it in love and respect for life.
For this, this park has every reason to assume that it will never become a mere tourist attraction.
The main goal is to create a unique work that will reflect the relationships of man with nature.