Occitanie COnnection Il n'y a qu'une seule efficacité : celle qui marche.

Relook’Moi – Image Consulting / Coaching

24 May 2020

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The first image that one sends back of oneself impregnates the other at 80% .. the remaining 20% come only after

it’s ALWAYS the 1st impression that we will keep of you

So we don’t have 2 times the opportunity to make a 1st good impression !!!

The role assigned to women and to the female body is summed up in the mass media in a privileged vehicle of Beauty, sexuality and directed Narcissism … it has become a product to be consumed in a society like ours. and the female body has become a value of exchange in the aesthetic / erotic myth by this process of reduction of the body which affects both the woman and the man and directs the behavior of consumption and social relegation under the supervision of Sexual Freedom, eroticism, the game that the mass media associate, not to say, link to the emancipation of women