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Patrick Louis Richard – Author – Back to the Basics, to the Indispensable!

30 August 2020

Author, ferryman of cultures – Citizen of the World –
Let our heart write its words.

Welcome to the factory of my heart. You will discover a good number of subjects, including some philosophical ones, on “things of life”, but also on the transmission of knowledge or even on the incredible power of writing in the knowledge of oneself …

“When the heart takes the pen, the words laugh; the words sing; words cry; the words radiate; words call out; words make you think. Thus, words soften ailments …”

Senior executive in the banking world, then in multiple sectors, specialist in customer relationship management, Patrick participated in particular in the success of Télé2 which revolutionized at the time the world of modern telephony and which was an adventure to which he gave a lot of himself.

All of his work, which now has 15 books, deals with issues related to the world of work which has gradually turned into a jungle populated by managers eager for careers who parasitize the system and develop the power which consists in directing the behavior of others, who do not appreciate taking risks or questioning their guidelines and give more credit to good followers rather than innovative creatives, depriving themselves and the system of major advances.

Thus, ranging from the initiatory work intended for children so that they apprehend the world of work in attitude, in interpersonal skills through allegories that reflect the relationships between the economic actors who make and break projects in an organization to confession of a former executive who, because he wanted to respect the human within the company, was “fired” when he had contributed so much to this same company, Patrick transmits, to those who read it, its skills and its solutions for contemporary situations in an active environment.
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Here, He denounces a perverse narcissistic elite that is currently in charge; he reports on the different profiles that these people adopt to better manipulate and push their colleagues who overshadow them, so as to push them towards the exit: these narcissistic perverts have no vision, no conviction, nor talent, they just have a career plan … these “elites” articulate their behavior by adopting an individual strategy that takes personal advantage of the collective good accumulated by the social exchange system.

Today the rich life of Patrick, full of great experiences and a magnificent journey towards self-knowledge, from the moments of his childhood to the wisdom of his seniority, with projects for the World and in particular for the Africa, but also for his faithful companions; “the man who mended broken wings” takes up all his stories where he talks about those he was able to help and who were able to take flight when they wanted to end their lives … all this is the subject of his 15th book.