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MUSE – decision-making training cycle

23 May 2020


It is not essential to hope to undertake, or to succeed in order to persevere. The circumstance alone must determine the change; we should not stick to a general system, nor to a unique way of looking at a situation.
The current problem is not so much to get out of confinement, but to take advantage of it to remove the blinders.
The difficulty lies in our way of thinking, because we are stubbornly mistaken about the situation, both in terms of its challenges and its opportunities.
“You cannot solve a problem with the same way of thinking as that which generated the problem.” Albert einstein


Take a step back and question yourself … to return to basics!
Faced with current hazards, assimilating and practicing the essentials of Change Management (available in French or in English), will impact your understanding of socio-organizational reality and will constitute a new opportunity to bring added value to the world of work, now in total mutation.
This course was given in March 2020 to Students of Master of Science ‘Artificial Intelligence in Business Transformation’ (La Défense, Paris).
I put the participants in a situation, in a progressive and measurable way, which allows them to know what they need to focus their efforts on to be operational, by ensuring the strengthening of the bridge between Conceptualization and implementation.

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