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MAS BECHA according to the principles of organic farming for a pleasure wine

27 May 2020

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Charles Perez, a native of Catalonia, is a jack of all trades, a bit of a wine maker, a bit of an artist, a bit of a boss and high standards. which offers elegant and modern wines with strong character.
Young winegrower well in his time, handling glass, words and new technologies with as much dexterity.
From his training at the OIV, between technical training and travel, he has kept the taste for meetings, the culture of high standards and the desire to share. His Domaine is thus a place of welcome for the amateur passing through or the curious connoisseur. Charles likes to surprise with his cuvées but also with the packaging of his bottles decorated with illustrations made each year by a different artist. With Charles we touch on the essential, the pleasure of sharing and that of a job well done.
Tasting and sales cellar open all year round

Since 2008, he has managed the 25 hectares of MAS BECHA according to the principles of organic farming, anxious to preserve and one day pass on this exceptional vineyard. Respect for the terroir and the search for wines of pleasure, here we awaken the senses and the conscience …
The clues left by time, to those who can see and interpret them, reveal that these hills, reaching in places 100 meters above sea level, have long housed fertile farmland. Today, Charles has also been able to take advantage of the limestone subsoils and arid lands of the Aspres terroir to bring together vines, olive trees, almond trees and cork oaks. And it is here, in the heart of this protected biodiversity and this typically Mediterranean climate, that our neo-winegrower grows Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre in modern style and surprisingly fresh.
Mas BECHA Classic Red / Rosé / Muscat – Mas BECHA Barrel – Mas BECHA Excellence Red and White and Natural Sweet Wines Garnet / Rosé / Amber
Discovery tours, free or accompanied, in the vineyards.