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Lauvah Edition – Quality and Ethics of the relationship with others

24 May 2020


Sarah wishes, through Lauvah Edition, to contribute actively and objectively to meeting the contemporary challenges of Management, that is to say of the quality and ethics of the relationship with others in a socio-professional environment.

Sarah is currently working in academia to explore the potential of scientific research for socio-economic development consistent with societal progress.

Qualified (BAA, DESS, MS., MSc., M2 RH) and experienced (over 15 years) in Quality Management and Change Management, the author has worked in many companies and sectors as a consultant and coordinator of digital projects (project manager in the implementation of fiber …)

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By Sarah Fébrissy
Invitation to Responsible Reflection
#Management: science or common sense? First article in which Sarah Febrissy questions #Maslow’s theory:

How to develop modern, efficient and fulfilling companies from a managerial point of view?

How complex is Management, if not ourselves, reflecting the state of our consciousness and its paradoxes? This guide offers simple management practices. It tends to replace the fundamentals of human and organizational resource management in all structures, understood by that, companies, institutions and any emulsion of individual and team work, excluding systematic exclusions made by compartmentalized structures.

This is a functional approach, transversal skills, once valued, today overused, and above all an invitation to reconsider our thought patterns.

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Assessment of Change Management practices in the service of Projects, versus Internal Company Policies
This book is the follow-up to the first publication “Management: Science or Good Sense?”, Which invites us to rethink “the sound method” and “the proper functioning” associated with the practice of Management. This second publication lays its brick on the promotion of tools and practices in Organizational Management, involving the impact on the Human Dimension. The questioning here is that of the use of Management, and of Change Management which is the very essence of modern Management. Indeed, while Change Management is systematically associated with the success of isolated projects, this reflection proposes to concentrate on a use which aims to focus on the deployment of the internal global policies of management of companies insofar as each project developed responds to a specific issue relating more to the company’s response to the dynamics of its market than to support isolated initiatives. This reflection is based on management frameworks common to all audiences, experienced and Amateurs, Influencers and Followers …