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Indulge your tastebuds with 3A Bio de France

1 December 2019


Child of the Catalan country, son of a market gardener, Eric Marcer has always allowed his passions to flourish through multiple activities and through his travels which have developed in him an innovative spirit. A man of challenges, driven by a strong desire to achieve his goals Eric works 4ha of land, alone, to supply you with organic and local products.

Modestly he wishes to make his contribution to agriculture to develop alternatives in cultivation but also in distribution which too often hurts the producer; educator he does not hesitate to pass on what he has learned from the entire food chain from production to your plate.
His thirst to learn and innovate in his field makes him a pioneer who paves the way for the future of the younger generations.
Each season brings vegetables that bring to the body what it needs depending on the season

Indulge your tastebuds with 3A Bio de France