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Indulge your taste buds “Xadi” outdoor pig breeding

29 May 2020

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“Xadi” outdoor pig breeding
Xavier is a former gourmet restaurant chef who decided to produce his first raw material himself to cook it for the delight of the taste buds

Today, the world of overconsumption advocates intensive agriculture and animal husbandry, despite animal welfare and consumers.

Our meats: price / kg

Farm pork chop 15.80
roast pork farmer 15.80
Farmer’s belly 15.80
ribs of farm pork 13.30
cutlet of farmer’s ham 16.80
farmhouse rouelle 16.80
filet mignon farmer 21.00
farmer’s hog foot 1.50 pce
traditional Catalan sausage 17.70
sausage with herbs 17.70
farm pork merguez 17.70
farm kidney 8.50
Pork shank 10.00
Spider 18.00
Carbonade / grill 18.00
lomo 16.80

Our Catalan meats without additives: price / kg
carn de parol fermière 17.70
Butifarre Negra 17.70
Farmer’s pâté 17.70
peasant rillettes 17.70
Onion sausage 14.30
White ham without nitrites 28.00
Farmer’s bacon without nitrites salts 22.00
Soubressade Fermière 17.70

Sausages and other dryer products (without nitrates and other additives):
Farmer sausages 37.00
Chorizo ​​farmer 37.00
Farmer’s liver sausage 40.00
Farmer’s Whip 32.00

Outdoor pig farming accounts for less than 2% of French pig production.
Thus, we prefer to have an operating system where the well-being of our pigs, respect for the environment and that of consumers are our priorities.
We do not use any pesticides or chemical weed killers for this.
Just as no antibiotic is administered to pigs as in intensive breeding.
Essential oils are used for care.
The food consumed by pigs on the farm is certified of French origin without GMOs.
Here, all of our quality standards, which gives our pigs an exceptional living environment, which allows us to offer a high-end final product.
Thanks to our healthy and pesticide-free land maintenance method, we welcome Cédric’s hives among us
We process our pigs ourselves in order to offer you traceability and incomparable quality.

What are our beliefs?

What would be the meaning given to our work by raising our pigs as naturally as possible and by adding, additives, preservatives and salts nitrites E250 …. etc … in our meats.
This is why we offer a range of natural meats and cold meats called E-free (E250, E249, E251 …. and many others).
In addition, the fat levels used are very low, in order to provide you with the most dietetic deli meats possible, while preserving an authentic taste thanks to our traditional recipes.

What does it change?
A less fatty sausage and merguez, which requires shorter cooking over high heat, in order to obtain all its flavor and mellowness.
Rediscover the taste of yesteryear meat and charcuterie.