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Bio Ma-Ghis, Magnetism- Light therapy

24 May 2020


Ghislaine has a truly exceptional listening capacity and takes the time to listen to you in order to better understand yourself and guide you when you are confused; the words she speaks, as you exchange with her, dispel turpitudes like mere mirages and allow you to see paths that you could not see because you were so clouded. Benevolence and Resilience are qualities that are rare and Ghislaine develops them a little more every day.

Healing for the sick, Happiness for the unhappy, this is what Ghislaine offers.

“Hello, I live in Bugarach in the Aude.     In fact I come from the Paris region where I followed the flow, I did not ask myself questions I did not have time !!

Certified in Magnetism, Light Therapy and Life Coach (support), I have developed these approaches.
Magnetism is one of the pillars of Energetics and perhaps a complementary solution to traditional medicines (light treatment: blockage, psoriasis, shingles; energy rebalancing (action on the aura, chakras and on different places (office, house) .

     The glasses “Psio” combination of music (by MP3) of relaxation by voice with stimulation by light facilitates emotional detachment.

     The “Bemer” therapy which revives the microcirculation: supporting health and maintaining healing.”