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Bernard Romain – Painter – sculptor – Art is the way of the most perfect freedom

3 June 2020

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06 59 99 47 05

My love for Art really started very early. As a child I made plaster molds for figurines and I melted old lead pipes in the cellar in secret.
My father was a pupil of Fernand Léger and I was going to visit his studio where the greatest artists of this golden age of painting came to Montparnasse in Paris.

I watched fascinated in silence and over his shoulder my father painting, for hours. All my education was made by impregnating images and sensations in this environment rich in exhibitions and openings. I started oil painting when I was 10 years old.

I always wanted to whenever I painted through the canvas, to burst the space. This surface seemed insufficient to me, I wanted to see what was behind, a need to go into space, to project myself beyond the sheet.

This is what gradually led me to sculpture. Going through the plastic arts faculty at the Sorbonne was a real conceptual discovery. By studying Chinese calligraphy, I found a concentration of the mind which I interpreted to develop my current technique. The artists launch images of ideas which are not always immediately perceived but which are then taken up as energies and as ideas by future generations.

Dazzling and heartbreaking moment of the kidnapping of a part of us even when the invisible hand as Galbraith would say of a tyrannical institution kidnaps children from their family and their culture
Terra Nullius “Table on the Australian Aborigines”
This table represents the stolen generations

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Raku sculpture – unique work
Raku is an ancestral cooking technique from traditional Japanese and Korean culture, linked to the tea ceremony.
Living is creating with Bernard Romain
Balance – Multiple draw
Bronze sculpture
Naturally untied the body gives itself up to the space which keeps it in balance with Bernard Romain
Living is creating with Bernard Romain

Movement and surreal balance with this sculpture which symbolizes intuition with Bernard Romain – The 3rd eye
Living is creating with Bernard Romain