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24 May 2020

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06 81 16 13 29

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Your life. Your pace. Your well-being.
When you feel good in your body, you are fit and full of energy. But how do I stay in great shape?
For 35 years, we have pursued a vision: we want to enable all people to reach the age of 100 while maintaining their dynamism, their well-being and by knowing the success! This is, of course, an ideal – but we work hard to achieve it where possible.

It is for this reason that we at LR develop innovative solutions for well-being and beauty.
It is precisely this approach that sets LR apart, because LR LIFETAKT brings together premium food supplements to develop individual solutions, which are tailored to your needs in each phase of your life.

LR LIFETAKT offers holistic solutions that go beyond pure dietary supplements: In addition to products, LR LIFETAKT supports you with scientifically based advice provided by subject matter experts in relation to diet, l ‘physical exercise …

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, we will be happy to answer you
The active complex contains an ultra-concentrated dose of collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, zinc, copper and 9 important vitamins, and it activates the beauty processes and limits the signs of aging.
The preventive complex protects thanks to the strength of Aloe Vera and other natural extracts against the main causes of aging as well as against environmental influences.
No sweeteners, No artificial colors, No lactose, No gluten.